Again, do not believe these dumb studies about sugar “making” people “fat”; sugar does not make people fat. The reality at the root of the issue is that they consume way above their tolerance levels, and are probably not as active as individually required to burn off all of these super high-calorie edibles that they are consuming, which is the real culprit of people gaining weight (“food” overall).

As said before, you can “minus” the sugar and cut it out of food and deserts etc, but individuals will still gain weight and this is mainly because they are not as discrete in their consumption, or not conservatively doing enough in looking after their own health needs.

I consume sugar to, but I am far from obese and do not have serious health issues related to sugar, that’s how you know many of these studies are not necessarily wholesome in their results, and you are not getting the full picture just going by these studies and they cannot fool people who are actually doing certain things.

Additionally, some of the deluded individuals who are parading these nonsense “studies” as the gospel, are just small-minded bozos who think they have finally found something “official” that validates their personal missions to go on arbitrarily mundane “whatever-free, whatever-free — ‘healthy’” diets, just to feel good about accomplishing minute “life-changing” wishful pursuits.

These studies about sugar are just, flatly, incorrect. The issue with weight is, in fact, also a chronic genetic thing, and is highly altered by one’s personal way of making dietary choices; “sugar” in of itself, especially Cane Sugar, is actually not harmful. Alot of these health issues come down to “inadequacies” on a personal level, and people need to understand that sometimes in life, you will be in situations where you have to make uneasy sacrifices for the improvement of your own self.

I have never had to go to a doctor because of “sugar” or because of too much “sugar” — not once. I can pretty much assure you that anyone who has or who has done so repeatedly, probably does have many issues, and sugar is actually probably on the lower end of the scale.

For example, if you’re in bad shape according to your doctor or whoever, because of the claim that you are eating too much sugar, and you still proceed to eat too much stuff, then even if the excuse people are using is that they can’t resist eating certain things because it’s “sugary”, the fact that they claim to “can’t resist” is a sign of a habitual preference that they are aware of — this is clearly what the issue is, they intentionally take these things in need of fulling their own desires that they can control — they are not being forced too.

Then there are these other sets, who probably just parade the “cut out” of sugar from their “diets” to have some sense of accomplishment in their lives, to compensate for a very real lack of any significant accomplishments worth mentioning otherwise, i.e, these persons are just being chauvinistic

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