GOD is not a being of vanity; I am not “cautiously optimistic” of this, as much it would be highly incompetent of me to contradict myself in just 2 opposing words; I am VERY optimistic of this. How the fuck can the GOD who created everything and doesn’t “need” anything have an “obsession” and greed over material stuff that he made?; this way of thinking would be just as dum’ as a “cautiously optimistic” oxymoron.

Many of these notions of alien things are base on a “supreme” you or a supreme “race” or similar such ideals, and it is driven by the wow of technology which is closely associated with the influence of the materialistic covicious condition of humans. When it comes to GOD, GOD is really about the knowledge of self, the knowledge of living among others etc. The “obsession” with the “power” and the “advanced” properties of these things distract from the blessedness of our own existence, and influences the condition that covets, the condition of temptation etc etc; GOD’s love actually inspires to realize and appreciate what you have, and to become better at understanding what you have been blessed with. So these things about aliens and their technologies, is just further distracting us from what we can become upon the blessed surface that we are apart of and the wonders of our health and the wonders of our longevity and how to keep the soul of things alive in your conscience to realize what is there before it or you, are gone. The more that time comes to pass is the more that these values fade, and what is not of our being, or in our best interest, multiplies and is seen as the new “priorities” of the day — the technology, the money, you name it. These commercialized “notions” trivialize the potential we have, in favor of some desires of a “supreme” culture of fantasies, which to me is a clear sign that this could never be the realistic path, this is something of fiction not grown out of the roots of the soul but, perhaps, something formed by the movies or films.

The ultimate aim life is to not die, very basic fuck that we are still at square-1 with; it is the main number-one problem that life on earth has which still remains — many of these other things just help us cope with dying, but doesn’t make us value life more, instead we value more power and more material things.

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