The situation I mentioned a few weeks ago when I said something to the effect that all things that are of two actually having 1 divine thing in common (which can be viewed here:, is from the perspective that man and woman did not make themselves come into existence; no life form on Earth made themselves exist, and if they did, they most likely would not make it to where they need something else to be itself as a “species”, so whatever it is that originated man and woman had to “know” about both species to create an “equal” logical “match”, and most likely if it knows about both species, it itself probably doesn’t need something else aswell in order for it to survive and live. So the element in mankind and all other living things that makes them exist as “living beings” is probably from the true source of “life” itself, which is the main “ingredient” that separates “lifeforms” from “matter”, and the reason I do not believe that that there are many “gods” and that there is infact 1 true GOD, is basically going back to the equation of 1, the thing that makes people “live”; the soul that makes people live is an energy that I believe only 1 thing in existence possesses the ability to “give” to other things, and that 1 “thing” is GOD, which is why I also believe that although anything is possible, GOD the 1 true bringer and giver of life, has his own will which to me means that we are made according to the “vision” of the original creator who has his own original intentions for the life and the existence that he gives, and with there being so much room for most diverse types of life on earth, it blows my mind to think that this same GOD will find it necessary to create “life” galaxies away on other moons and planets. I do not believe that this is the “vision” and “structure” that our creator has.

There seems to be one central “vision” making things work according to a signature pattern or system, and there does not seem to be a deliberate force of the same “equal” kind, or multiple different forces of the same equal magnitude, trying to establish their own authority which can become meaningfully “intrinsic” as a natural process of natural operation — things can just try to defy or corrupt the true nature of things but cannot actually become an “intrinsic” functional value onto-itself, independent of the true natural structure of reality. I think that if this was the case, things would be alot more “short-lived” and volatile, ALOT more frequently and obviously us as intelligent beings will atleast realize this much, even us as intelligent beings have our own way of things that has a particular pattern in which we are able to function, so how does this just apply to us? — it’s the “vision” of the true creator that guides or should guide us.

Remember, anything is “possible” to us as humans, but “structure” is a reality that existed before us as humans, so structure is priority over “possibility”.

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