The problem with many of these so-called “alien” depictions that can be found in some ancient societies, is that there is nothing what-so-ever seen in any of them that isn’t already from on the Earth. “Wings”, “Animals” and so-on — these are all things anyone can gain inspiration to illustrate, naturally, from the Earth. More to the point, even the damn “gods” look exactly like humans in costumes — there is not one thing that is truly unique that shows that many of these ancient depicted figures could really be an original form of life that is not yet conceived by common inspirations on earth, and is in fact probably entirely from another planet or something. Most of what is “discovered” in them is just all too convenient.

It’s exactly the kind of thing people would conveniently think of — if a bird thinks there is some advanced civilization, it won’t think that there is some advanced alien civilization of “humans”, the thought that comes from the bird would most likely be that it believes in some advanced civilization of “Birds” — humans would think that there is some advanced civilization of humans or humanoids etc, “with” technology and so-on and so-on. So this alien thing is a mankind construct :D

Some people suggest how the ancient people “only” wrote about what they saw as if they didn’t have the ability to be metaphorical, which is complete nonsense since if many of these ancient people had perceptions of many common things that they were around or experienced, being “mixed” into one and being apart of some entity watching over them or their possessions, whether it be their accessories or their farms etc etc, or perceptions of some “force” bringing them “bad luck” and then some other notion of some force bringing them “good luck” that they have “rituals” over, then there is no reason to believe that they could not have developed original expressions that illustrated such metaphoric beliefs and develop things on a creative level that exhibited the traits and qualities that they ascribe to a particular notion of a cultural deity or cultural legend and so-on.

It is called “symbology” — if they can symbolize things in their minds, they can symbolize things artistically and otherwise, if they so choose; it really isn’t “rocket science”. We can clearly see that they have to capacity to look at things, as we would identify as: symbolically.

On top of all of this, where the heck are any physical traces of any “alien” technology, tools etc?; the fxxking things depicted in the earliest of ancient drawings, “Sumer” and whatnot, even show human-arrows, and human-looking dudes that are supposedly “gods”, riding around in very human-made chariots; what are the odds?. These things were just as Earth-bounded as the humans they were depicted around. If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it can’t be a fucking Aardvark.

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