Some of us may wonder at times when we see huge animals, how did they get so large?, and this actually brings up an interesting scenario; lets look at the Trees, there are Trees that grow sky-high and spread out like a pizza and they grow and manage to achieve their incredible sizes just from the intake of water and Sunlight. Lets think about that for a second, Trees grow from the size of things you can’t even see, all the way up to enormous sizes just from the consumption of water and sunlight. So if Tees can grow to such enormous sizes just from Sunlight and Water, then there is nothing to stop animals and other living things that share the same ground and environment from achieving some of the most impressive sizes by actually consuming things like proteins and fat, vitamins etc. Lets look at Earth; the Earth eats absolutely nothing and is far bigger than anything we know of that is considered to be actually “living” — now lets look at the creator GOD and how incredible he must be in every aspect, he is not only unimaginable in size, but also in what he can do and what he can make possible.

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