Many of us do know by now that people will use every excuse in the book when placed in uncomfortable positions; when it comes to weight and health issues in general, many have said it’s the “food industry” this and that, it’s “hidden sugars” and it’s about their environment and that there are many places that are not selling “healthy food”; mind you that some of these people have been eating so much actual food, that they can actually go *without eating for days due to how much actual food they have “stored” as “fat”, so they are actually quite well-off than you might think.

People can say that it’s the stores and the companies and the environment and throw in all of the other sentimental garbage, but here is a reality check, there are many people that can’t even get a drop of fucking food; there are people that have no roof over their heads and have no place to stay — these are some involuntary significant issues that many people are facing and you mean to tell me that someone who grew up with virtually all the food that they can eat, and never had to go hungry, and had all the conveniences to live a pretty decent life and always had a place to sleep atleast, is going through so much “suffering” because they are, not necessarily being told “how” to live but rather “why” they are gaining weight?, are people just this fucking retarded?.

It’s all sentimental and emotional to talk about how people are growing up in some places where it’s more convenient to buy a McDonalds, KFC or some other fast-food variety, but the fact of the matter is, these fucking people are being fed, in *most cases they have the luxury and the convenience of getting fast foods. They also have the *freedom, the money and the options to go to stores and markets to pick on fruits and vegetables aswell, it’s just that many of them do not “want” to do that and “prefer” the higher calorie options. But there are many people who can’t even get food; there are lots of people that can’t even get food or/and water. There are many people who reside in terrible living conditions or circumstances; there are people who are orphans and their parents have died, they have no stability or proper support and guidance etc; there are folks living on the Streets etc etc, and we have a set of clowns giving the impression that people are “suffering” so badly because they, effectively, have “too much to eat”?.

Retardation is not hard to refute with facts incase silly pathetic fucks haven’t noticed. This ain’t the Media — real-life has consequences.

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