“Climate Change”; one of the biggest “hypes” of the century. They say that the Amazon was the “lungs” of the planet; I wasn’t aware that the Earth had “lungs”, but when a certain part of the Amazon caught fire, some said that the Amazon was [supposed] to be the lungs of the planet. The forest burnt-up pretty badly and apparently, nothing actually changed with the fucking “climate”. The “climate” had it’s own “plans” it looks like. The grass and trees appeared to have started to grow right back, right after the human-made-mess died down, and the earth seemed to have exhaled and inhaled from its cazillion other atmospheric “lungs” just fine. I am sure when you give it enough time, nature will grow the fuck back like it always fxxking does, in numerous other cases.

They come with this garbage about how the exhaust from cars are so toxic and spreading fumes and things like this, but we have a spectacular Sun the size of GOD knows what, consistently beaming hot, blessed, bursts of radioactively-charged fire and heat directly into the Earth’s atmosphere, morning, noon and fucking night, from the time the Earth was created, and it hasn’t stopped since.

This Sun is blasting the Earth with force that is far stronger, times more impactful and far more intense than anything man-made could possibly dream of, and at the same time we are to believe that somehow the exhaust fumes coming out of cars, which are extremely broken-down and weakened by the time they exit a Cars’ exhaust and fizzles out into the atmosphere and degrades even further into useless particles, is somehow far more “destructive” and “damaging” to the earth’s ozone-layer, than the Sun’s fresh, unfiltered massively intense daily-heat that directly burns the crap out of the Earth’s atmosphere, bypasses the Earth’s atmosphere and burns the shit out of the Earth’s surface and core, and everything else that lives on it?; these fools are truly saying that the fumes from car exhaust, which have never killed a fly or withered a plant or a fucking tree, never mind the reality of the fumes never really affecting the actual people themselves who actually directly interact with these chemicals every day; is doing this great big damage to the “ozone layer”? LMAO.

The poor sense of “climate change” reasoning is awful on this one; not to mention that some of these individuals talk about the climate change and so-on but take natural trees or natural things and materials that are not burning previously, and turn them into thick toxic clouds of smoke to blacken their lungs with this black-billowing-plumes of toxic soot, but at the same time talk about “climate change”, when the smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages actually have a much greater “damaging” effect on the human-body than the indirect non-lethal chemical fumes coming out of car exhausts and mufflers.

Hahaha I tell you, the mix-messaging on this climate hysteria is fxxking PATHETIC; especially coming from the jackasses in the Media who are, once again, the lead toxic fucks hyping the fuck out of unsubstantiated, misleading, degenerative nonsense.

See with Social Networks (what they classify as so-called “social media”) etc so popular these days, the mainstream media, whether that is Radio or TV, is increasingly seen as a joke. There is alot of things that don’t generate the views and ratings like at one time so these pigs are resorting to baseless and more inaccurate narratives and bigger and more hysterical things.

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