look man let me tell you something, people getting overweight and stuff, is genetics. It’s not about no meat, no “sugar” or any of that B.S; The core ability to get overweight in the first place, originates and sets in at birth. This is not an “opinion” of mine, various dynamic circumstances show a pattern where, even at very young ages, you can usually tell if kids have the ability to gain weight and become overweight. It’s not exclusively an issue concerning flimsy claims about “processed foods” and these kinds of theories. It is basically a gene that causes some people to gain weight on, seemingly, anything to do with food. It doesn’t seem to matter “what” it is as much as it seems to be affected by “how much” it is, and outside of that, what else is being done to either prevent gaining more or reducing what has already bulked-up. I eat some of the same exact types of foods that people who are overweight also eat, and I have never had a problem with my weight, so if it’s just a matter of processed food, or “junk food”, then why am I also not obese or overweight if it’s the sole effects of the food and “added” sugar that causes this?; there has to be more to the picture.

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  1. Exams are over now…..was celebrating festivals with my cousins 😊😇

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    1. Hahaha that is fantatsic. I wish I could join you guys but enjoy every moment 😄🥳🎆👌

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      1. Sure you can if you were here😊

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        1. Haha I must definitely would my friend, it sounds like a sweet time. And thanks for making me feel welcome ✌️😃😃

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            1. awww have a great day ahead 😂🥳✌️🌺

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    1. Hey good to see you Dulcy; it’s so awesome that you came by because I was thinking about you haha. I hope that you are doing well my friend 😄😄

      Yes exactly, genetics without a doubt plays a key role in the capability for humans to gain weight in the first place. The food only “triggers” the effect and starts it up depending on how much food is being consumed, but it is not solely the “fault” of the food or the fact that it is “processed”.

      Thank you a ton for your cherished comment <3 <3

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    2. Hey just sending you another text to wish you well today Dulcy. I myself am about to have a pretty busy and interesting day haha. How is your exams going?


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