The issue we are examining today should not be like reading a damn “book”, there shouldn’t be 1000 different fucking “interpretations”, yet, some folks manage to fuck it up — this shows fools “misread” alot of the fuck they claim to “read”. Competence folks, competence; what the fxxk happened to competence.

Here is what we are looking at; there is something suggesting that video games are the cause of violence, not “violence” being the cause of “violence” or the propensity for some people to make poor decisions which leads to violent outcomes, and the opportunistic desperation that influences the use of violence; that’s just a shitheaded assumption at best. Factually speaking, 99% of the crimes committed, are committed because of reasons having nothing to do with video games and also are committed by a huge cast of individuals that do not play video games.

Alot of times that a “crime” is committed, its typically because of one of 3 things: domestic bullshit; persons under the influence of bullshit drugs or alcohol or some meth or crackhead fool, or money, and people with bum habits; these are the factual and top reasons why crimes are committed. As a matter of fact, even “jealousy” has alot to do with it in many other cases; so anyone that thinks that video games has anything to do with real crimes, is a joke — it is an actual clown who doesn’t actually know about the issue.

One can actually make the case that music has much more of a bigger impact realistically speaking, than “video games” — it’s a fact that even though some people don’t play video games they still listen to music — not everybody plays video games, but everybody listens to “music”, and you often hear when it comes to certain kinds of music “ohh it’s just a reflection of the environments”. That “excuse” doesn’t matter since if it’s music focusing on negative things, that’s just what’s going to come out; “negative” things. Nobody is going to try to fucking “spin” it around if it’s being “glorified”. They are those who will just try to “reflect” what the fuck is being “glorified”. Video games don’t “glorify” crime; video games “glorify” being the “good guy” and trying to be a “hero” and saving the day like superman or a comic book character :D.

It’s not the guns, it’s not the “sugar”, and yes in the case of “violence”, it’s not the fucking video games. The shitheads in the media will use anything to fabricate; they will use books, they will use video games they will use climate change, they will use false numbers, things like gossip will be used — practically anything to frame degenerative misleading narratives.

So if we are talking about facts, this is what we can deal with and it’s known as:  reality; not dum’ assumptions and under-researched dogma.

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