People supporting certain kinds of lifestyles and practices often say that, those who are into those said certain kinds of lifestyles, can do “freeze eggs” and use artificial insemination techniques and so on, but folks that are into deviant behavior, like homosexuality for example (and bisexuality or what ever else manmade “sexuality” they come up with next), mainly for the appeal of said behavior or behaviors, are “less” likely to have any interest in having to be responsible for the raising of a child or being interested in the traditional standards of living and things like this. They will most likely be far more indulged into promoting the deviant behavior which makes the likelihood of having a child and being a parent “less” compelling of a life choice for them than it would be for the woman who had grown up all her life and had always dreamed of having a “husband” and thought of herself as a “princess” being passionate over wanting to have a big family, have kids and grand-kids etc. The two mindsets are extremely worlds apart; there are some straight people that don’t even want to have kids for various reasons and these are straight people we are talking about, so I mean, it is not advanced geometry to see that someone who chose a lifestyle based on deviance and sexual perversion and appeals such as this would most likely not have traditional standards and obligations as even a remote consideration, which would create circumstances that will lead to childless-social-structures more often than not.

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