The case of bow-and-arrows is a very interesting one because, even in the oldest of civilizations and indigenous settlements, we have proof of the use of bow-and-arrows. The thing to figure out, is whether or not the bow-and-arrow was first used for “hunting” or not, because even in the case of the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, we see that they had an awful lot of paintings with knowledge about bow-and-arrows and the use of bow-and-arrows but if the bow-and-arrows were first developed for hunting, it would mean that humans may have been far more primitive before they actually became civilized rather than the other way around which some suggest, this could suggest that in ancient times, there was the use of “wooden tipped” arrow-heads, or perhaps even “stone-tipped” ones, before the shift to “steel-tipped” arrow-heads, and then when “civilization” came along, they continued to use arrows except they shifted to steel-tipped arrow-heads and perhaps this variety of arrows were used more so for “defense” around this time (mainly in wars) and so-on, than they were used for primarily hunting. With the seemingly rapid rise of the concept of herding “domesticated animals”, they would have been less of a need to “hunt” with bow-and-arrows in a “civilization.

The use of arrows and hunting have been depicted in some of the oldest depictions of human existence in some of the most oldest and remote locations on earth, even in some cases where humans have been said to be depicted among “aliens” with supposed advanced technology, but the problem with this is, how were they so “advanced” but still had to rely on the most “primitive” of technologies, i.e, bow and arrows?

In the case of certain civilizations having bows and arrows, except with steel-tips, this could have been an indicator of how there had been humans on earth for a long time before civilizations as we know it, showed up, which would mean that there had been plenty of time that had passed before the concept of “civilization” started to develop, which could have been a concept that exploded by the basic primitive practice of building long-term settlements around natural resources, which then developed into cultivating practices which then developed into farming practices, as humans became more organized and structured (somehow). This allowed an environment for more innovative thinking.

But one other thing this scenario could have shown is that ancient times could have been similar to today where we have some groups that got really civilized, while some chose to remain in the forest/jungles/deserts, among wildlife and so on even though they are aware of so-called civilization.

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