Before trying to classify things as “alien” and stuff, or before suggesting that aliens must have given some individuals in some of these ancient cultures the vision to create some things that were strange-looking, we first have to keep in mind that individuals who were around in the ancient past with many diffrent mindsets and personalities, just like the people alive today, may have had a lot of time where they could have developed many things to represent impressions, notions and superstitions that they had of their environment or cultures on a creative level, and we must also note that sometimes, depending on the time-frames we are looking at,they also may not have had the best “talent, or “skill”, or “tools” to go about doing so which could also have further influenced the “odd” or “strange” nature of some of the relics and inscriptions they left behind; not to mention that if it was a thing that existed in the far past where they “dreamed” about all kinds of things and they went about in real-life with the abstract  “dreams” in their mind and wanted to know what these “dreams” meant etc etc, they could have expressed these things, and these “dreams” could have inspired them to also ponder and wonder about certain kinds of “possibilities” in unique ways, further adding to their ability or come up with “ideas” and picture things in their heads that does not already exist tangibly.

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