GOD is a creator, that’s why we see these Suns and Moons and galaxiesthese are the manifestations of the Almighty and his greatness and his glorious power. These are for us to respect; these are for us to have days and nights and seasons etc, but his specific creation of living life goes beyond a display of his power and might, so this is why it is so easy to see that the more planets you see, doesn’t necessarily mean there is more life out there and beyond, considering that this is most likely beyond the purpose of us and missing the point of us entirely, since we do not share the same role of these other bodies beyond Earth.

Hahaha yes this is how it be with me; no twisted “philosophies”, no fool’s “fantasies or ulterior “motivations”, just reality and lets not forget; SUPER clarity :D

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4 thoughts on “COMMENT [683]

    1. Wow thank you so much my friend, I treasure your remarks deeply, and I am personally very happy to see you once more 👍😂


        1. likewise my dear friend; you are very welcome 💕👍😄


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