These situations that some of these people claim to be “climate change”, typically are just a “shift” in certain climatic elevations but more or less the same natural patterns of weather, so once again, there is no actual climate change, there is just a lot of “shifting” of the elements as it were. Things sinking and things rising, is not enough to show that the earth’s natural climate is actually changing since these kinds of natural alternations have been happening on earth for millennia, and if it were happening for millennia then it obviously can’t be due to things like modern technology etc. Things like erosion, surfaces caving-in and structures crumbling etc, that’s all apart of nature. Again, this is not “climate change”, and also alot of this “climate change” crap sounds similar to this whole idea of “terraforming” planets, suggesting that humans have the ability to “terraform” a planet into a completely different atmosphere. My thing is, some people who have this idea, can’t even “terraform” a fucking desert on earth into a “habitable zone” but think that it will be practical to go to Mars, where the “climate”is much worse, and somehow “terraform” planets like Mars into livable planets. Don’t believe the hype, any impact humans have on Earth is superficial and only temporary and detrimental to us mostly, not necessarily the planet — fullstop.

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  1. Brilliant, spot damn on, the earth goes through natural shifts.. all for fear mongering..

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    1. Hey thank you so much my friend πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ˜‚. Yeah some people, especially the media, are just “framing” naturally occurring and reoccurring situations as climate change, or are claiming that the clearly hap-hazardous consequences resulting from incidental and accidental activity are the result of “climate change” even though there are perfectly reasonable explanations for the occurrences, which often have nothing to do with this myth called “climate change” lol

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      1. Absolutely my friend..

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        1. Right, we are not falling for the hysteria 🀣

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        2. and you probably know this already but I love your comments and your support means alot

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