I’ll like to thank everyone for reading my views and thoughts on the various subjects that I examine. Me delivering my perspectives and findings of things in this Comments [RAW Edition] section, in the way that I present them, is partly a form of me being focused. I said in one of my past scriptures that if I am dealing with facts and presenting the truth, then I will try my utmost best to not include anything that I don’t see proving to be reality, so I am not going to include or endorse things that are said to be philosophy, or spend too much time on theory. My rebuke of these things in my writings is primarily a form of contrary insistence and to strongly emphasize my position on the perspectives that I elaborate on.

One of the best ways to learn is to actually practice putting things in context according to their fundamental basis. Putting things in context, and examining the context of things really keeps you on your toes and actually makes you possess a true “understanding” of various matters. I don’t know everything, but what I do know at the very least, is right from wrong. I don’t deal with fabrications and distortions and “he-said-she-said”, I don’t do the “semantics” thing either; context dictates that something is either “correct” or it is not; so you can learn alot by just paying attention to basic things such as these kinds of values which do go a long way. But I don’t claim to know everything and this is not what my activities here are about; I like to express my views like most people; I also take part in discussions and have regular chats; I kind of like this sort of thing. It’s part of the influence of GOD the almighty to be prolific at communication, clarity etc.

I use to be on forums talking to people about all kinds of things: Hiphop forums, some technological forums and a few gaming forums, and I have and had been doing that for a long time, so I am not on here just trying to hustle people or gossip and spread news and things of that profile. I am a person that’s really interested in the facts and understanding things and this is where I am coming from with many of my posts on this site. Before I became active on wordpress I was mainly posting on forums just to kill time or whatever, just like many other people, and then eventually I discovered wordpress very recently, so I really and truly have an authentic and genuine interest in much of what I speak of, so when I speak about “health” issues it’s not because I am a health guru, or when I speak about “climate change” it’s not because I am a scientist; it is to remind people of the context and to point out some basic intrinsic and fundamental aspects I feel compelled to bring up. Keeping context as a focus on any issue, really helps you to be very robust and thorough in your way of reasoning. I actually have no problem interacting with individuals either, if you want to leave a comment or question something or is casually passing through and would like to talk, feel free to do so — I appreciate all of you and thanks for atleast reading and liking my material, aswell as even following as some of you have and I also enjoy what I see from many of you as well.

So these scripts/scriptures I develop in the form of comments really is just about sharing my views on things, so I am not “strategizing” or scheming against anybody; I am not drafting-out what country I am going to takeover or invade next, or who’s pockets I can drain; it’s really not a marketing “program” xD. The only thing I am “planning” is what I am going to release next, when I am going to release it, and working on other awesome things including a project that you will hear more about soon — that’s my only methodology xD.

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