Psychology and things of that nature cannot stop all “addiction”, usually none of that stops “addiction”, usually when addiction stops is when the addict who is “addicted” actually “stops” themselves. It’s not really a medical issue, it is a compulsive personality issue, so these individuals don’t actually have any real issue other than the backlash or the silly situation they placed their own selves in, repeatedly. Their “issues” are derived from acts of a “habitual” nature, so my advice is, don’t be taken for a ride hahaha. Addiction is pretty much something that manifests to fill a void of primarily, and mostly, having too much time on one’s hands.

That’s it for now — it’s the Substance Supplier coming through with that substantive sapient sorcery; more than happy to share my thoughts on things that truly matter, not some twisted warped dogma just to repeat as if it’s some fanatical slogan. Real “substance” — actual reality with proper context minus the twisted philosophical fantasies or such other belated inconspicuous bull :D.

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