One other thing that makes “evolution” nonsensical is the fact that most of the animals found and discovered through history had already been living among other animals for a long azz time, and even in some cases all of the animals were within roughly the same age groups, so there is nothing that shows that anything “evolved” over “millions” of years; the same typical stuff that was happening then is the same generational typical stuff that’s still persistent now.

There is no way that evolution can be even remotely plausible if they keep finding animals that were alive and even co-existing with other animals that were already alive and entirely different species on their own. Every time something comes up, it was usually not an indication of the only life-form existing at that time, but actually an indication of just scratching the surface of an entire eco-system of co-existing variety.

Also, discovering 1 type of life-form that seems to have been present before others, does not prove that an “evolution” occurred which resulted in the subsequent appearances of other life forms.

And that’s what’s up — realistically speaking πŸ’―βœ”. No corny “shock” stuff, or flimsy political nonsense; just realistic rawness, basics that baffle, and all this good stuff 🀘😁

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