There is all sorts of reasons why these ancient people would make these statues, monuments and things of that nature that they carved and constructed. There may have been all kinds of commercial specifics involved, and it could have been ways to draw people into the culture and things of that nature. You have to realize that back in these times, things like what they were doing with the carvings and the writings were ground-breaking things, almost to the equivalent degree of civilizations today being able to make spacecrafts and fly to the moon. What they did in their time was some of the first of its kind; back then there were no big privately controlled “commercial” networks, it was all about “power and prestige”. If there is a question about do you believe that these folks just did all of this stuff and put in all of this detail, just merely as a way to put on a show and have something grandiose to stir a frenzy?, for me my response is a stern and adamant fxxking YES. They had alot of time on their hands; you bet that this is the kind of stuff they would do, easily, without thinking about it. This kind of thing was a huge part of their lives in the past but just because they took it seriously, it doesn’t mean it was fucking realistic and just because some people may read too much into it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t mundane.

This is how the wise roll — CRAZY, consistent and continuous; delivering CRITICAL considerations confidently — keeping things comprehensive and cohesive with classic competence ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚

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