Welcome to another Xtra segment where I say more things about this exciting kataklyzm of a project xD. One thing I must say is that none of the artwork seen on the promotional image were done by me from scratch, I combined images to create new concepts but the original images that I used to make creative results from combinations were not originally drawn or illustrated by me.

I actually assembled the images using various artwork and vectors that were originally illustrated by various artists; most of which were publicly available and most of them were for free. I gathered alot of the artwork from LOTS of places around the internet since I am not an artist and one of the biggest issues for me was not having enough resources for the project, especially since the project is very big, so I had to find some way to gather enough resources for the project and the only way to do that was to get on the internet and see what I can scrape up lol. So many of the resources that I have obtained, came from websites like: ALL-FREE-DOWNLOAD.COM, VECTEEZY, FREEPIK.COM, ARTSTATION, GOOGLE IMAGES, PNGtree.com, KLIPARTZ.COM as well as many many other random sites, so I do not own the rights to any of these images and I must send special thanks and appreciation to all of the artists who originally did these graphics and they will know who they are by seeing their artwork featured in my project in some way, shape or form. So the concepts I created from the resources are of my own doing but the base, raw source files are not original art that I drawed and illustrated myself.

There is an interesting history behind the name that I picked for the series which I actually decided on today, but I will have to go over that in another one of these mini “xtra” segments because these are not really supposed to be long and as we can see, I am about to write a virtual novel if I don’t stop hahaha.

A promotional image for the series done by yours truly, can be viewed at the following link: https://aktionkilla.wordpress.com/4262-2/

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