This is a follow up to the KATAKLYZM XTRA #2 post that I did last night, related to the part where I mentioned the interesting circumstances about the name. How things started off is that I wasn’t going to originally release any promo or anything of the sort for this project at this time. It’s mainly due to the recent developments and the inspiration of the entire project that compelled me to do a promotional teaser and to just release a little fun sample of what to expect coming up later on in the year. So that’s basically what I did yesterday — I actually started working on the promo picture late Thursday night and finished it up yesterday.

I originally didn’t have a name for the project since that was the farthest thing from my mind during the initial stages of the project’s creation. I just wanted to work on the project and things such as the name and so-on would be worked out at the end of the project. The project itself is inspired by an original idea that was a spin off from the “Museum for Kickass Brilliance” series that I had planned which I had teased in the “Radical Exclusives” section. This is indeed that project that I made reference to when I stated “some other very recent kreative klassic ideas related to it.

Gradually as things developed, I heard about an interesting ancient tale known as the “Mahabharata”, which is a very ancient story revolving around ancient India and its beautiful culture. I really liked what I heard about this tale, so over time I was using the legacy of the “Mahabharata” as an inspiration for how good I wanted my Comic series and Manga to be. Basically I was looking at the project as if it is the Mahabharata of creativity xD.

From that perspective, over time I started to think to myself that it would be kool if I actually named my manga similarly to the Mahabharata and thus eventually picking the name “Kahabhakata”, so essentially it’s like the name Mahabharata except for the fact that it would begins with “K” and and “R” in “Mahabharata” would be replaced with a “K”.

That’s essentially what the idea came to be as time went on. I have never read a page of the “Mahabharata” in my life xD. I did do a lite bit of research about it and sort of listened to a bit of what it was said to be all about whenever it was mentioned, and I am an instant fan of it and I must be sure to give it a good read and see if I can possibly order some copies from online etc, but I was just so fond of hearing some of the things the Mahabharata talks about that it influenced aspects of my own Comic. I didn’t actually get ideas from it so much as its a case where I like the idea of my Comic being as “compelling” as a Mahabharata. So let me just be clear about that, I didn’t get ideas from the Mahabharata, I just like the idea of my Comic series being as compelling and interesting like a Mahabharata; I have never actually read a Mahabharata xD.

So for a while, “Kahabhakata” was the name I was sticking with xD, but what made me change the name is because I did a google search yesterday and realized that the word “Kahabhakata” was actually used, so just based on the fact that the word “Kahabhakata” was actually mentioned, I decided not to use it even though it only showed up in 2 or so search results LOL. So I switched from “Kahabhakata” to a name I made up which is “kooltakataka”; so I started to think about it and decided that it’s definitely going to be original to where it wouldn’t show up in googles search results since it is very unique and not a direct modification on any preexisting name or titles, plus it still had a really interesting concept to it as it’s basically still somewhat “Mahabharata” influenced by the kind of “arata” lettering of the end of the word. But I didn’t want to use that right away since I wanted to play around with other names, so I said you know what, what would be a cool name for the Manga that wouldn’t be longer than “Kahabhakata” or “mahabharata” but would still be awesome, and then I reasoned that the powers and the skills in my other original manga series known as “Roughest Of The Roads” which also features Ninjas, like the ones features on the promo xD, has aspects that are based on the ideas of cataclysmic events and abilities and the concept of Quantum Velocity and all this hardcore creative elements, so I thought it was a good idea to use the name “kataklysmic” and had that as an option for a while, then decided to go with the shorter version which is “kataklysm”.

I did a google search and then “kataklysm” showed up as a rock band LOL. I didn’t even know about the rock band named “kataklysm” so I said that I would really like to use the name “kataklysm” but maybe I would need to modify the letters so that it would be different from the rock band’s name, which is when I decided to change it from “kataklysm” to “kataklyzm” by changing the “s” to a “z”, a very very basic adjustment. At that time, I had done just one quick search and I did not notice “kataklyzm” show up in the search results, the google search results just kept reverting the name “kataklyszm” to “kataklysm” as a “did you mean” recommendation lol, so this is when I had thought that I would stick with the name “kataklyzm” out of all of the other options xD. What’s interesting is that today I did another follow-up google search on the word “kataklyzm”, and what do you know, a decent amount of results did show-up with content containing the word “kataklyzm” which to me was strange, so I was like ooohh noo xD; I probably should have checked for a while longer haha. But I am still determined to use a name based on cataclysm or cataclysmic so I will have to play around with the lettering to make sure that whatever version of those names, or any name I use, has “0” results on google except for maybe my content which will have what ever name I choose. It wouldn’t even matter if, over time, content from elsewhere with that name begins to show up LOL; I just want that when I make a name, it’s atleast an original name at the time of creation lol

That is how I pretty much ended up picking the name “kataklyzm” for the project which is subjected to change since the naming and titling of this manga series is not something that I had given any serious thought or consideration to officially, but I am working on it hahaha

If any of you haven’t seen it yet, you can have a look at the radical promotional feature via this link: https://aktionkilla.wordpress.com/4262-2/

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