I think that evolution is extremely flawed based on the fact that we have people believing that all of these diverse life-forms and all of the different types of life just somehow evolved from one single-cell organism, micro species or bacteria xD. It doesn’t get more questionable than that — somehow everything just evolved and everything just worked out; every “evolution” just so happen to be in the right place at the right time, all the right physics all the natural necessities etc etc; all of the different patterns, and all of these very interactive unique instinctive traits and aptitudes of these different life-forms and properties of life, just formed and fell into place — “it just took billions of years” is the explanation that they are giving. No intelligence was involved in the creation of life but somehow we just evolved to have intelligence, but all of these things that we are seeing that somehow make logical sense were just all randomly manifested with no reason or purpose, yet still, many of the traits and features we ourselves have, all have a functional, practical and relevant application that helps us to live consistently for generations-and-generations along with the reality that many other millions of things that exist help to nurture or compliment millions of other things. Yeah, makes perfect fucking sense — NOT :D.

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