Fasting is an ancient smoking-gun that I think shows, indirectly, that the issue of eating habits was never to do with the kind of food, but in fact, gluttony. Gluttony is exactly the reason why fasting came to be, but historically, fasting was never about the type of food eaten, but the frequency or lack thereof — it’s about the deprivation of temptation, not the perceptions of pickiness.

See the reasons why the “type” of food was not mentioned as an intrinsic part of this historical process, could be a clear indicator that there is actually no “perfect” diet, this is why the emphasis is on discipline because we need to learn how to control our desires and temptations and to desist from the tendency of being hogs and to feel what it’s like to be deprived so that we gain a newer appreciation for the things we are accustomed to; this is what’s critical, not the focus of preferential pickiness.

“Competence”, this is what fools should know about. This is what fools lack, it’s not a cliche or a catch phrase, it’s just one word and that word; “competence”. Lets share competence, so that people will have the empowerment to be progressive and proficient in what’s relevant — too “focused” and too “vigilant” to be “shocked” by stupid small stuff and stunts :D. Facts out-of-the-blue as deterrent against “red-eye” deceptive “devils” and “dark” shady frauds :D

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