The subject of food and weight-gain proves to be going way over the minds of people who are supposed to be “experts”, and of course, these piss poor “studies” that are, at best, largely based on anecdotal nonsense which fools gobble up. When people eat consumables of all types, they are not just “sugar”; it may be the sugar that gives some people issues who have diabetes etc, but generally, it’s a combination of spices, salts, and other things that combine to create various “foods”. It’s not just “sugar”.

If these people are so out-of-touch with these basic things, how the frig does anyone believe that these same people actually have any real credible facts relating to a matter as complicated as to why people are getting fat, and furthermore why some people get fat but not all?. How are these fools supposed to grasp the “dynamic” aspects of this situation when they are just dumbing-down everything to a matter of everything just breaking down into sugar?

They are focused on expertise not facts, very much like generic politicians focusing on “votes” not issues — bimbos focusing on cheap “shocks”, not remedies or results.

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    1. hahaa yes I can see that, and your efforts pay off exceedingly well in my book <3 <3


  1. Nice… It based on current issue… 👏👏👏

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    1. Hey I appreciate this alot my friend 👍😂. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your adored thoughts haha

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