I don’t know where some people get all these classifications or arrive at the terminologies they choose to apply; generally you hear people making certain claims about things or calling them by certain classifications that have definitions that are totally unsuitable — they just seem to like to add meaningless titles to things just for the sake of, but let me be clear about my “diet” and what I eat, you can say that I am an “omnivore” — if some folks aren’t very acquainted about what an “omnivore” means, in a nutshell, it means I have a “balanced” diet. I am not on a strict or specialized “diet”; I have pretty much a “regular” eating pattern; I do not have an all-vegetable diet, neither do I only eat meat, or only eat fruits. I do not know of anyone that grew up through life, who from the time they were infants to the time they become adults, only ate meat. These particular diets sound like fads. MOST people actually have an omnivorous diet, which includes fruits, meats and vegetables, and this kind of eating has personally done me a great deal — I am not overweight, I do not have hypertension, I do not have diabetes, AND, I have not had any health issues related to my diet from the time I was a child all the way up to JAN-12TH-2021 :D.

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