Often when it comes to health we have these folks, who, their whole pseudo perception is just to “remove” this and “remove” that; it’s almost as if their drivel is just there to promote cheap “shock”. You get these stunts alot from degenerates that tend to use the Media, they tend to use these kinds of crappy and meritless statements, with a sprinkle of spurious shit shock for added ADHD effect — these fools are cornballs. Moderation is used to prevent issues, this is the quintessential thing about moderation. One of the major beneficial things to learn in life is balance; some of these people are fools, so they can’t tell you very much beyond “remove this” and “remove that”; their mode of logic is always to just remove something and to say this is “bad” for you and this is “bad” for you, but in alot of cases, moderation and balance is the best and most reasonably effective thing against dietary issues that alot people do not use enough of.

Just “removing” things all the time is a very weak approach and a false sense of effort. In most cases, people just remove things but their diets are still poor because while they are focusing on removing things, they are neglecting the improvement of other areas, and that’s the problem, folks getting too comfortable with these “remove this, and no-sugar”, “no-fat”, “everything is removed” and “no-no-no” — they are basically focusing on just removing things in a very panicked and desperate point of perspective and they are not focusing on properly building. You are not going to build, or properly build very much, if all you are doing is removing things. So this is the number one issue these days; let us forget about this stupid incompetent crap about just removing one thing or the other thing and that this will all-of-a-sudden be a magic bullet to your health, and let us focus instead on “proper” management and a proper building of your overall health by incorporating balance and moderation into your diets and life.

Instead of just focusing on removing 1 thing, what is a wiser idea is to reduce the amount of what you are already consuming but also focus on incorporating other nutrients from various other kinds of foods into your diet, so that you would be eating less food but more variety. This thing about just remove this and just remove that is pure garbage. This is nonsense, this is fiction, this is placebo bullshit — this is not a very effective approach. Save your self costly trips for faux “appointments” for examinations up under some fucking fancy machine, and instead, pour that same money into diversifying and improving your diets. It makes no proper sense spending 200 dollars for some random appointment, to only then be told that you need to improve your diets which could have been done with that same 200 dollars you spent on a futile appointment to get hooked up to some machine for a faux examination from a random “expert”.

None of this is even anything new, it’s the same situation with the pandemic; what folks are doing with the wearing of masks and sanitizing etc, and just being fucking clean, is mostly just alot of basic principles, values and realities that have been at play for decades, it’s just that fools aren’t vigilant.

If you try to mix moderation with a fool’s twisted logic, it probably won’t work, but with proper moderation and discipline, you cannot go wrong.

I don’t know about this cliche terminology called common sense but what I do know of, is possessing the competence to culture proper understanding — natural competence and brains for “proper” understanding :D

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    1. Hey, good to see you Rajani. I am glad you liked it, and thank you so much for reading โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜„


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