For a person that doesn’t smoke, actually smoking something is pretty much the most foolish thing I can do, because it’s like a major step back. For someone that doesn’t smoke, to actually start smoking is like a massive breakdown in the quality of life; its not actually beneficial. You hear all the time how smoking this or that is not as bad as cocaine etc, but that’s the thing, for some people who don’t smoke, it doesn’t matter because smoking anything is pretty much the silliest and stupidest thing you can want to do — health-wise, it’s going to be a step back. People may say that smoking weed or something treats this and treats that but it’s 2021, there are so many supplements and all kinds of effective things you can obtain to help you handle certain things in this era, that having to “smoke” weed or any kind of substance is pretty much redundant, and the thing is, many folks talk about how smoking a particular thing is able to treat certain conditions ailments and what have you which sounds good on paper and in anecdotal capacities, but the truth is, alot of the time when you pay attention, most of the things that you hear that the smoked substance can “treat”, are not really that serious on the scale of things that cause major problems to the things that are almost deadly. I mean when you talk about the “smoking” of “cannabis” and “weed”, we’re talking about a recreational practice that many of these folks claim is extremely old, so even by their own estimations we can gather that this in not anything new, this is some old azz shit, I mean with all the crap still flying around for centuries despite people *smoking these things for ages, it is clearly not a cure or effective treatment for anything much.

Facts like CRAZY :D — off-setting degeneracy and other feeble nutso orchestrations by Big Toxicity, a.k.a the Media, and thoughtless theatrical theresas ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿคช

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