Just being yourself is highly overlooked. Being yourself is significant, it’s everything — it’s actually the most important thing, and to have everybody focusing on the most important things becomes a very valuable thing as proven by the way that most societies work even now. This integrity creates an atmosphere of productivity, conducive to what’s authentic, valuing things and respecting things, not manipulating things, and not taking things for granted because it’s the little things that count. Stop focusing on a “1%” and focus on giving your life 100% — there is a soul of dignity about giving 100% with what you have; there is a promising future in staying “dedicated” and appreciating yourself, and adding your force and your voice. Every individual is something, and can provide something else and even if you don’t believe that you have “talent”, being yourself still makes a difference. Being an individual is not narcissism; be yourself, be nobody’s fool — be yourself and 99% – 100% of the time, you will not easily be influenced to sink to the level of disgrace, because you will remain on your own exclusive level and it will come as natural for you to inspire you to be a better you, rather than being the exploitation of someone else’s toxic, rat culture. You can have “zero” material wealth and still be able to change a person’s life. GOD’s love is the best love — we must have it as a goal to make GOD the utmost father of our lives.

I am myself with confidence and I remain myself with competence. I don’t know about common sense because me and jackasses have nothing in “common”, so fuck repeating cliché catch-phrases. I am a competent individual — competence is the only thing that can stop fools from being incompetent bitches. Competence does not “evolve”, instead, it compliments and substantiates. Competence, lets deal with it; competence iz the future :D.

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