Hahaha I can’t wait to drop that Kataklyzm Comic — comics in general are real classics xD. Before you all waste your time or money on subpar entertainment, make sure you are not in a position to check out a good Batman or Superman movie or a comic book first because no sub-standard sub-human soulless reject is even in the league of a Batman or a Superman or a Spiderman; these franchises are blowing it up when it comes to wholesome content, they are really pushing the boundaries or breaking through the boundaries when it comes to true authentic creative eccentricity, so before wasting money on a bullshit con man, “artist” or foolish clown who are promoting nonsense, atleast make sure the bitch can spell the word “comic” or can actually read a comic first — lets do ourselves this favor in 2021 and raise our standards and maintain our I.Q because alot of crap that’s circulating are so profoundly shitty, they can literally kill I.Q levels and be a real detriment to the fabric of society — the only thing more putrid is the fuckry that produced them in the first place👎😶.

Musically and entertainment-wise, these days alot the artists sound the same because the media relies on things that are “simple” to manipulate or “programmable”. The media relies on objectification, It is partly responsible for all this music that’s sounding the same and the fruition of mundane derivatives, it’s because these fools can’t handle actual substance because there is a natural integrity that comes with that and there is a passion to it, so they want to remove the integrity and have everything remain a hustle — they remove these values and keep it about the club music; it’s not so much the “talent” as much as it is about the party scene or to have impressionable minds believing some bitch is apart of some fantasy movie centered around ratchet-ness, they remove the subject to push images of shit-stain fake lifestyles of having “hoes” and “money”; it’s not necessarily about the art as much as it is about being a fucking infomercial for cosmetic shallow materialistic lifestyles. See when birdbrains get drunk and tipsy, they don’t give a fuck about subject-matter, they don’t give a fuck about the flow or the message, time place or any of these things, at this point their minds have been reduced to the chemical profile of piss and subsequently they become like twerking sluts, they just want to do retarded fucking shit, so this is the reason why there is only a certain type of music or content being pushed heavily these days and certain messages being focused on more like “race” and godless ungodly attitudes. The thing is however, these kinds of portrayals are not necessarily the only thing people want to hear or see, but this is the kind of thing that they are trying to “milk” — it’s less about the culture and the talent and more related to the money and getting fast-money off of club promotions and stuff like that.

People are given this notion that the fucky these outlets are pushing is because that’s what the people want to hear and nothing else — that’s a bitch faced shitty pile of misleading misinformation, because if you go on youtube and various other forms of Social Networks, alot of the music or material that they claim people don’t want to hear are doing hundreds of millions of views and likes and comments, and are practically doing just as good or even way better than the watered-down plastic that’s generally being recycled on the air-waves 24/7s — in actuality, everybody is listening to everything. These people didn’t just disappear over night, the interest is still there, it’s the priorities that have shifted, these media establishments are mainly single-handedly responsible for fucking the vibes all the way up — there is no two ways about it. They like to have a monopoly, it’s all about monopoly and commodification — turning people into herds, and substance-abusive subsidiaries through promoting that bullshit whisky or shitty beer saturated with “alcohol”, or some shitheaded piss puddle with the “gangster” image, and gaining that sponsor.

But yea man, the Comics are killing shit hahaha. Whatever prick or generic stereotype is being marketed to the masses, it’s probably under the hopes that such garbage will be soaked-up by inebriated clams. The Avengers, Incredible Hulk and The X-Men levels of generational immortality is what the fuck is truly epic — these are legendary, these things are actually awesome, not the toilet-bowl residue the Media artificially popularize and saying that “this is what the people want” as if it’s the only thing the people want especially when it comes to the music side of things. So folks, don’t believe the “hype”; you are better off getting a Comic these days instead of “polluting” your lives or classy “collections” of content with mediocre, forgettable garbage that’s being pushed by the Bitch Syndicate a.k.a the mainstream Media and some of these dull, degenerate wannabes that are used to aid the inflation of massive amounts of toxicity and retardation.

My comic project is not really the sole focus of this session — I was just thinking about certain types of content, the variety that’s out there and the stereotypes and certain perspectives being promoted, and was compelled to do a comment on it since I haven’t really done one on these aspects before.

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