One of the other flaws of evolution is the view that existence just came up circumstantially; firs of all it’s beyond me what cold have possible created a circumstance to exist in the first place and if you believe that life on earth is an accident, then by all means, this is like saying that existence itself just came up for no or zero reason, but how is something that contains so much “substance” be based on nothing or not based on anything that substantively substantiates it just as equally?; existence didn’t just come up to exist, there is a greater reason and a greater mind knows this greater reason. Just as how existence exists, the mere fact that it exists means that there has to be a reason, and as long as there is a reason for it to exist, nothing else that exists as apart of its existence can be without any reason that is intrinsic to a fundamental constructive force that made it literally possible. There is a reason behind our existence; *reasons are what makes it “possible” for us as well as everything else to be alive or exist — existence doesn’t just exist on its own to exist. The very fact that there is existence means that things come into form, come into being and come into fruition because of purposeful factors. There is a few things that makes existence possible — conscience and consideration leading to the creation of tangible design. The quantity, the colors, the intensity, the sizes and their characteristics can’t be all the sole product of haphazard mindlessness. There are things in existance without conscious life that still somehow conform to a known design respectively; this doesn’t just apply to plants, this doesn’t just apply to the purpose of night and day, this doesn’t just apply to the earth’s orbit, this doesn’t just apply to the influence of time — all of existence functions because of intrinsic fundamental, coordination.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no “evolution” or some similar hallucination; these are fundamental values — helping us get back to basics and back to reality :D

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