The earth is sealed by a great force because when you carefully consider the dynamic of “directions” there is only one way and it’s actually “up”; there is truly no real “down” when you consider what’s happening with the physics of Earth, but there is a “center” because if you dig through the ground and the core of the Earth which is in the “center” of the Earth, and if you manage to dig or drill long enough, you’ll actually rise “up” from beneath the ground, or “through” the “crust”, on some other side of the Earth. This is what the most ironic thing is — “down” for us is actually up, so the said force that seals the earth, actually shuts anti-gravity out (or *introduces a factor that nullifies it to some degree/extent) making the central force of the Earth that much more effective and better at “pulling” us and many other things on it, more toward the center. The Earth’s crust is what cushions or insulates things on Earth from probably being mashed to death by this gravitational or “pulling” force.

In many ways, that’s characteristic of how a blackhole is; if you observe what is known about a black-hole, it actually sucks matter closer to it — it pulls things towards its *center, and the earth seemingly has somewhat of the same effects involved with its environment, so gravity is not actually just a “theory” and seems to actually be literal. Remember if you read the scriptures that were placed in the bible, it is stated that GOD created a “void” or a “vault” to do a sort of “separation” of the different layers of the Earth (or this is roughly what was indicated and echoed in these scriptures about the Earth’s structural properties), so there is alot of “literal” forces involved with the structure and placements and *layering of the Earth. There is a literal acting force in the “middle” of the earth as well as a “dome” over the Earth that encloses the earth’s atmosphere or that makes up the Earth’s atmosphere which gives this effect. But when you examine our reality closely, and when you look up at the Stars, when the Sun rises up in the sky, when you hear about all these ancient cultures seeing anomalies up in the sky; when you think about the GOD that we look up to, most of our true existence boils down to looking up :D.

Truth and facts is my religion, I am a religious person and these are things I do religiously because doing realistic things is what creates meaningful contributions, not just regurgitating meaningless terms that have no basis in reality. I am not going to tell people about “evolution”, I am not going to give people a philosophy; I am going to take a look at relevant things and I am going to look at competence and how to use fucking competence. With the right mind, it’s exciting to get things straight.

2 thoughts on “COMMENT [703]

  1. I just want to let you know you have inspired me today with this post. Thanks!

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    1. Wow, I am practically speechless haha. Thank you so much for reading and for your feedback Kally, it’s beyond awesome to know that I inspired you ๐Ÿ’™โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚.

      I did not know that you had left a comment at first because it was in the spam folder, but as soon as I saw it, I took it out from there lol


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