The foolish notion that says that life is about suffering and “failing” and that life is made so that we will suffer, is shortsighted, blind and thoroughly silly. If life were made to suffer, there would be no need to grow, we wouldn’t really have eyes to see, we wouldn’t be able to experience the emotion of happiness, and there will be nothing to eat, not to mention the fact that just the mere act of basic things like breathing would be a pain — the fact that some people want others to believe that life is made to suffer, when there is so much thought put into our anatomy yet alone our environment, is historically retarded and beyond belief. All you have to do is remember my observations about Intelligent Design and you would see that life is all about life and the prosperity of life and the encouragement of life, and the growth of life, rather than all things detrimental to life. So such mindsets holding the view that life is about suffering, are just focusing on the wrong things.

This ain’t booze or warped alcoholic worthless bullshit to make anyone “tipsy” or “drunk”. This if facts to help minds function fluidly — refreshing like water with the supplement of realistic rejuvenation :D

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