One thing that I don’t think that I have emphasized or mentioned in my usual topics about health and stuff, is that I don’t smoke or drink any alcohol either. I don’t do “hard drugs” and I don’t do weed. I don’t “smoke” period and I have no interest in rum or “beer”. As a matter of fact, give me milk; I drink fucking milk. Milk is the best, milk and coffee, cocoa etc — fuck the other corny crap hahaa

The Media hypes up all these brands that cost thousands of dollars and they have been “brewed” and “aged”, but alot of these fools can’t fuck around the Milk LOL. All that hype and lip but they can’t fuck around the milk — the power of the milk gives them diarrhea and shit; they can’t handle the protein and the fucking calcium xD. The bullshit they are hyping up ain’t saying shit, the power of the milk purges these motherfuckers. That’s what the fuck fools need, they need a fucking purge, they are full of horseshit.

This is not the brain-damage belligerence of liquor or whisky or rum talking. This iz articulation and accuracy; consistency and competence, not just a “common” catch- phrase but actual relevant stuff that makes clear minds function on practical levels :D

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