There is often talk about pharmaceuticals and how it is big business blah blah blah but when fools go and drink up these drinks and get drunk and start doing alot of wild, retarded crap and fuck themselves up then have to get “treatments” to deal with their mess, it shows that many of them had no problem putting money into the hands of the “big business” of the alcohol; so what’s the fucking point?, they are just as guilty of supporting their own literal “brand” of rubbish. At the end of the day, if you want certain industries to be less prevalent, then try not to incompetently create a feeble atmosphere for their necessitation; there is no “prescription” need for this. Imbeciles cry about “chemicals” in the food causing “this issue” and “that issue” and then the next thing you know, they are willfully drinking up these alcoholic beverages, which literally have a clear “negative” impact on human brains.

So the bottom-line and underline basis in all of this is, this contradictory logic that people present is pure foolishness since if people weren’t mindlessly self-destructing on these substances, and going around doing incompetent things, they won’t even have to deal with “pharmaceuticals”.

The amount of stupidity spreading around out there is shitty and terrifying, but this session I share with you is not a promotion about “drinking” 🍺 and getting inebriated off of intoxicating fuckry πŸ’―. This is about branching-off 🌲 with brains 🧠 and becoming fxxking fruitful πŸ‘ŒπŸ”¨πŸ‘·β€

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