Some misguided mindsets don’t understand the meaning of “faith”. Faith is like the most realistic state of consciousness because you are showing that you are humble, you’re not of some belief that all there is to life is what you see in front of you and that you can just make things magically appear with some con philosophy suggesting that everything is about technology and material things and that this is a simulation and we can play stupid and play GOD. In faith, you accept that there are some things you do know and some things you don’t. We don’t all have all answers to everything 100%, but can be 100% clear on what we do know. That is what “faith” encompasses, it’s fundamentally a sense of awareness and exposure but at the same time, vulnerability and optimism to a degree. So any persons you may hear talking about ohh I don’t need “faith”, there is no GOD, I have “truth”; is embarrassingly mislead by stupidity, if it were the case as they had described, they would have their own shit together and all of their problems will be fixed. GOD’s way is powerful, faith is patience, it’s not to be a situation where GOD shows up and then all of a sudden, you play dum and try to take advantage of his significance. GOD’s ways have been influencing the earth since the beginning, and are still just as relevant now as they were then, so faith makes perfect sense. Faith means you are not too sure of the flesh but you have faith in the righteous purity of the ultimate conscious living energy (GOD).

Realistic, that’s how I like it ⚑🀘. Facts like CRAZY, radical like always — the style is natural with a distinct robustness that reenergizes haha.

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