Hahaha I am GLAD to be on top of another round of studies. This is not “strategy”, this is “specialized” — a degree of “special”-attention given to actually fixing things where fools frequently fuck up at since this is my specialty as a contextual specialist ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฏ

In today’s session we will be looking at health, and in looking at health, some people may say “I may not have certain issues now, but ohh it builds up”truth is, I get actually examined by real competent medical professionals yearly, so for me that’s completely irrelevant. I can safely say that I do not have any signs of bad health and the fact that my diet has remained the same way for years, means the likelihood of me suddenly developing anything negative related to my diet, is very low, if there is anything that may influence a change in my eating habits, it probably would be the natural demands of old age than anything else . Once again, I am not “guessing” about my health, the results of my health has remained consistent just like the realities I constantly share on this issue, with the likelihood that things can even improve further for me health-wise, rather than get worse if I were to seriously put effort into my diet :D. This is not just an image for me; I have no reason to be misleading about my health since I, as a person, would like to know that I truly am healthy for real, because unlike fools, I love being correct. For me, facts is fun — I get joy out of facts and reality. I crave having proper understanding and meaning and accuracy — the same way people are into sports teams and nationality and race and how they get really fanatical about that sort of thing, is the same way I feel about FACTS and TRUTH and REALITY — I am infatuated with facts, naturally. This ain’t cosmetic :D.

It’s the radical one with facts like CRAZY; basics that baffle and all that POWERFUL stuff โŒ๐Ÿฒโœ”

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