You might hear at times claims of this person smokes etc etc but they are fine, but “fine” in terms of what?; as far as I know “heavy smoking” does affect the body in a wide range of negative ways. Now lets look at an area of this issue that doesn’t get talked about very often if even at all, and this is, if someone is not into anything much on a daily basis, they can afford to be a heavy smoker because they are not doing much. But if someone is doing an occupation where they really need to be focused, or they really need optimal working lungs, this is more likely where anyone would see the effects of habitual smoking.

So whenever you hear folks talking about “I smoke all the time and I am good”, you have to take context and circumstances into account especially if these individuals really aren’t doing all that much. Now when you look at alcohol, alcohol has clear effects on the brain, those people who may think that they can argue otherwise are a fool and are probably involved in activities that are even more nonsensical because I don’t think this level of stupidity stops at alcohol consumption πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘Ž. Alcohol has negative effects on the brain and it also has long term negative effects on the body’s vitals. Alcoholic beverages serve nothing other than to be mind-altering bullshit; these things are commercially and culturally overhyped and they usually just make people inebriated and dainty.

Alcohol is excellent to put on cuts and to treat physical trauma; that’s what it’s most ideal for. Alcohol saves way more lives being used medically compared to when used in beverages; this is another fact. It is an absolute fact that outside of medical use, alcohol has only contributed to some of the most unnatural deaths compared to any other substance. Again “oohh I drink alcohol and i’m good” usually translates into
“not doing much”  which is the same thing with smoking — there is no way anyone is that heavily into alcohol and are managing significant things — most likely they are doing non-essential stuff; certainly not actual critical things.

Now here is another fact; if you take someone who is naturally healthy and place them on alcohol, there will be a clear and steady “decline” in their overall health compared to when they were not “drinking”, so again drinking alcohol is overrated corniness. It degrades health and it also directly affects the brain negatively. Lord knows what it would be if some of these clowns had to touch Milk, reason being, they probably will shit their pants. A hangover ain’t shit compared to what the fuck the milk does 🀣; that protein and calcium and vitamins is a force to be reckoned with πŸ’―. It’s hard to absorb anything when your stomach and mind is filled with toxic crap, or
“damaged” by it to be more exact.

Thorough, that’s how we do it over here. A surprise source for solid specifics hahaa

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