I must say that Microsoft Edge is working extremely well — compared to Internet Explorer, I am very impressed. Internet Explorer was actually pretty slow compared to other options I must admit, and that’s something you notice especially when you are not working with the best of hardware, since if you are using systems and devices that are very light when it comes to the performance side of things plus have alot of technical limits, you often rely heavily on the programs and applications and even games that you are running/using, to be very well optimized since that’s the only way that you are going to be able to get anything done and the new Microsoft Edge seems to be really good. So if you have a good system you might not see that much of a need to take advantage of it at the moment, but if you are using an ancient system/laptop from 2011/2012 as your main-machine like I am (hahaha), you might want to give it a look and in-fact, I probably would go as far as to recommend it especially if you are using a Windows-based O.S :D

I am not going to go into other areas like privacy and such at this time since I have not had a chance to check that side of things thoroughly, but it seems to be good and I even noticed that there is a really cool feature in the browser that can translate pages, and there is an “immersive reader” option, and there is additional ways you can delete URLs and that sort of thing, and many other pretty interesting things that were taken into consideration, but generally in terms of performance and reliability, it is really sharp especially compared to the older Internet Explorer architecture.

And that’s the tech-tip for the day — hopefully it helps some of you out who often use technology like I do to manage a spectrum of things. Until the next session, mask-up 😷, throw the booze and alcoholic crap out the window, and enjoy some milk along with your supply of wisdom🥛👍😂

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