The way new species and new life is coming into the picture and going out of the picture of history, only to then be reintroduced in another form or family, fashion and whatnot, shows that there is a very strange link and causation to the process of the origins of life, and I really don’t think that evolution is the influence; I really think that the cause of these new types of species that appear through history, is a process of new and fresh creation. Evolution does not believe that things have a purpose, “evolution” just believes that things develop circumstantially as a “means” to “cope” superficially, but alot of things are in fact created with specific intrinsic natural purpose, which are often linked to a broader cohesive process or system of harmonious functionality, and what we are seeing is that alot of these animals actually co-existed with already varied sets of life-forms from one period to the next. There is no way that there was all of these evolutions that were able to occur within the same time period, mutating into all of these thousands of species to somehow conveniently create an atmosphere of rich diversity and ecosystems. All of that cohesive construct cannot be just the result of freak mutations.

That was the session for today and this is the intrepid visionary, inserting intentional innerness to intensify insightful instances. No bullshit intoxication or corniness needed, just competence haha

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