Here is another flaw concerning evolution, see, physical mutations do not transmit through D.N.A, only the core original features and traits of an animal or a person transmits through DNA, so there is no way that any physical mutation that happened because of a circumstance or by happenstance gets transmitted to another life-form through D.N.A. D.N.A is created in such a way that it practically ignores physical defects, physical mutations and physical mutalization. Most “mutations” that are transmitted through D.N.A, happen on a biological and chemical D.N.A-level not on an external basis. So if a rabbit has a longer right-leg compared to its left-leg because of strain or incident in its environment or because of some injury or because of some illness, these physical traits will not transmit through D.N.A because they are not apart of the original D.N.A. structure. However, if the rabbit was *born with a longer right-leg as a birth-defect or genealogical trait, this trait and physical-feature can be transmitted through D.N.A because it was apart of the original structure of the D.N.A and because it was not a physical-feature that just occurred because of a physical injury or stress influenced by external or circumstantial factors. So this is why I have to laugh my azz off at “evolutionary” excuses which suggest that somehow these evolutionary traits that developed as a matter of circumstantial ware-and-tear or something like that, which by-the-way, do not have the ability to alter the original D.N.A structure, and which were not actually apart of the original D.N.A of the supposedly evolved animals, somehow were able to be transferred through D.N.A and was responsible for all of the different kinds of animals and life-forms we know of. The logic of this evolution stuff is literally like someone saying I will be a body-builder so that I can transfer my big-huge-muscles to my kids so that they in-turn will evolve to have big-huge-muscles too. Physical alterations to limbs and joints, muscle and so-on that are influenced by external circumstances related to trauma or stress or strain etc, do not have the ability to affect the original properties of D.N.A, this can only be done on a chemical level or through manual-manipulation of genetics, not by the result of pure physical trauma or physical influences.

So we need to be careful with the suppositions of evolution because the way that evolution is believed to work, does not take into account the way that D.N.A. actually works. D.N.A is fool-proof to a highly sophisticated degree to prevent any premature or unnatural traits from being easily passed-on through birth, so even if an “evolution” is seen as posing a good benefit to a supposedly “evolved” species, this so called “evolution” would still be ignored by the overall base D.N.A sequence because it falls into the category of an unnatural alteration/modification or conversion.

I am no scientist but I just gotta point out this basic fact because that’s just what I do 🤘😜.

This is what i’m on — EFFECTIVE facts for the people, not a big-mouth who’s just talking-big like a big, GIANT stupid motherfucker with a flaccid brain as small as a fucking tick.

8 thoughts on “COMMENT [714]

  1. Your post gives basic knowledge regarding DNA… Very nice 👏👏👏👏👏

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    1. Hahaa yes, I am not a scientist so I tried my best to explain this issue and its aspects in my own words as best as I can, and it’s really awesome to know what you think about it — I love your comment 💙😂😂

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        1. Thanks alot 👍👍. I don’t know everything but everything I am seeing suggests that there is alot more to the existence of the many different types of life we see than just a case of gradual shape-shifting 🤣🤣

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  2. Good information about DNA and mutation👍

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    1. Wow thank you, I love hearing what you have to say about this and I appreciate it very much my friend 👍😂

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    1. Hey, it is my pleasure my friend and thank you so much for your comment 👍😄

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