See what some people don’t get is that seeing the “stars” and the planets as “stars” from the earth is exactly the intended “effect”. Obviously, when you go closer to these objects you can see their true size and their features etc but seeing them in that fashion is “beside” the point; seeing them from the earth and how they look from Earth is exactly the intended effect. When you look at these things up-close, we not only see how big they are but we also see how inhabitable and how empty they are, so this is why being as far away from them and viewing them from the earth makes perfect sense, in the context of seeing them as “stars” and not as Alien dwellings πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ˜‰. Like I said before, just as how I don’t believe that we are on this planet by accident, I also don’t believe that these other planets are as empty as they are by chance either — this is how they were for a very long time.

Why is there “deserts” on Earth if “space” is supposed to be so habitable?; why are areas “deserted” here but outside of earth will be packed with potential for life when you can still stuff more inside of the earth? — hahaha give me a goddamn break with the stupidity. That small tiny percentage of inhospitable land on earth which has been arid from way back when, ironically poses the most supermassive contradiction to such nonsensical claims. Why would these other planets be bursting with life while the Earth looks half-finished in some respects and can still accommodate alot more “species”?, c’mon with the bull.

There is no realistic signs of aliens and if that’s what it is, that’s just what it is. There doesn’t need to necessarily be life on other planets just because educated fools with lots of time on their hands, think that there should to satisfy their own fantasies. Life works based on reality, not petty superficial, redundant, secular impulses.

I “live” to profess “facts” but I am “dying” to deflect dum’ fuck degeneracy instantly :D

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