When it comes to the Earth’s climate, the turbulences it generates are like volcanoes; when volcanoes erupt, they generally can get and become WORSE over time; they don’t just suddenly stop, and depending on how they are behaving you can generally get a great idea of their condition and whether they are about to blow or not, but they don’t just stop being “active”. Similarly, the systems that cause hurricanes and storms don’t actually originate near the places that see them develop to Category 4 and Category 5 etc; the hurricane and storm systems, especially the major ones, originate within the same regions of the earth all of the time and the processes that drive their creation are perhaps on-par with the powerful forces that stir-up volcanoes — they aren’t just going to stop. These things tend to keep going, so how is there this big climate problem and at the same time, the storms and hurricanes are not getting stronger closer to the areas that they originate from?. If there is any real influence of a degenerating climate on these storm systems, they would be getting alot stronger, alot sooner, and alot closer to their point of origin, but they do not and on top of that, there have been numerous instances where we see storm-activity and other instances where there is no storm-activity — this does not reflect the pattern of a system that’s more disruptively “active”. It can’t be more active, which it most likely would have been if there is more “damage” to the climate, if we have a circumstance of few hurricanes in 2019, only 1 “major” one in 2020 that the media hypes up to death, and then 0 in 2021 as an example. It should in fact be more “active” in general because that is typically how things go when something is worsening in general, just like a volcano, but that is not what we see at all in most of the recent cases of hurricane activity, and these are the basic things that really fry the brains of some of these folks spreading this hysterical crap; they can’t handle the surprise of the competence. They just know how to throw things out there, just like the silly media, but they can’t handle when it’s deflected back and counteracted with reality.

Hahaa when you want to know about science, you go to a scientist, when you want medical advice you go to a Doctor, when you want to be entertained by clowns the Media is the new circus, and when you want to know about reality you go to a wiseguy :D

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