Life is about life, life “gives” life to life and life helps life “prolong” life; life is no friends with “death”, death is the “opposite” of life, death does not “belong” to life. Life and death are “complete” opposites; there is so much to “see” and so much to “do” with life, but death and “suffering” hinders life, so these two are not the same — death is an “intrusion” on life. life seeks to get “rid” of death, life seeks to “relieve” suffering. Life deserves to live, nobody deserves to die. Through righteousness and humble, we will be deserving of almighty GOD’s life-giving mercy.

We can’t competently function with alcoholic-booze and toxic bullshit in our system but we can all work with the basics and build on realityprohibiting the nonsensical non-essential and prioritizing the critical :D.

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