When we consider the fact that in “Ancient Egypt” we see that they mummified animals of various types, and that they had such a profound interest in animals all over their culture and that they had head-wear of a distinguished nature that sometimes depicted Cobra snakes etc etc, then we see other figures in their cultures who appeared to have Masks on that were in likeness to highly respected “animals” in the culture and that they had alot of items in their culture that were “themed after animals”, including the legendary sculpture of the “sphinx”, and how they even buried people with mummified animals and how even their ancient “hieroglyphs” were littered with animals among other things — the signs are obvious; it’s pretty clear to see a pattern and a trend of what was going on 🀣🀣.

I consider facts special education in these times of unrealistic fuckry — a kritical klass that brings special-attention to stimulating specifics, “minus” the bloated bullshit because it’s the substance that “counts”; fully making “competence” my essential – quintessential specialty πŸ€˜πŸ’―

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  1. That’s fascinating. I didn’t know they did animal mummies too. Now I think of it, animal mummies could be just so natural to them like human mummies. They not only did all these amazing things, they also left records of mummies, pyramids, papyrus, libraries. LOL. Did they also cook with sesame oil? I love sesame oil.

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    1. Hahaha thank you so much. I didn’t realize that they made animal mummies either πŸ˜‚. I knew that animals played a huge role in their ceremonies and cultural beliefs but a recent discovery seems to show that they also buried mummified animals along-side dead people. And you are so right about the records they left behind — it’s ALOT, and that’s not taking into account the many things that were possibly stolen over thousands of years that were of incredible value and were never seen again.

      When it comes to true ancient history, it’s like the Ancient Egyptian civilization are the holy grail of: artifacts, written material, paintings, construction and a whole lot of things that you can say were groundbreaking at the time lol

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      1. I certainly have to look into the use of sesame oil in Egypt because I remember sometime ago I read something that briefly took a look at what they ate but I can’t recall if there was mention of some of the oils they may have used, but it would be very cool to find that out haha

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