This session examines key issues consistent with previous observations:
April 16, 2019 – 8:13 AM
April 23, 2020 – 6:50 AM

Some of the tales described or referred to as “floods” in some of the modern versions of text related to ancient legends and events, when compared to the “history” of some indigenous cultures and their relatively mysterious circumstances, brings up the issue of “accuracy”. Again if we look at the heritage and cultural traditions of very old settlements and tribes that were “untouched” by modern “civilizations”, that both predate the supposed “flood” events and persist all the way to even after these events, there is often no signs of their ancestors experiencing or knowing of any flood events during the time-frame that an earth-wide flood was said to occur. Even when they are telling their stories passed down to them from earlier generations, which have exited for almost as long as, or even longer than any known civilization, both past and new; “flood” events don’t seem to come up. So the more I think about this issue is the more I see that this issue definitely does deserve a closer inspection of the details.

No con-artistry or fraudulence over here — just the use of a minimum touch of competence exposing “giant” amounts of STUPIDITY among fools, provided by the super-substance of certified rudimentary relevant values LOL

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