On the subject of Darwin’s “Theory Of Evolution” evolutionists usually say that after such-and-such a species became extinct another species started to emerge, but the question is, how can a group of animals just suddenly evolve from a prior group of animals that were long extinct?, typically the supposed emergence of some of these new so-called evolutions happened “millions of years” apart, can you imagine that?; one set of animals became “extinct” and then all-of-a-sudden, millions of years after their “extinction”, something was just able to “evolve” itself into exactly the same “type” of animal that went extinct millions of years ago. That is mighty convenient, there is a consistency there that doesn’t fit with evolution, that’s not a situation that’s coincidental, that seems to be very “guided” and “specific”, that seems to be very intentional, that doesn’t seem like an “evolution”; that is a continuitythe idea that a random “evolution” “continues” a previously, extinct, long gone “lineage” in such a manner, is absurdity xD

Hahaha! I luh this shit. Fuh me FACTS is everything — STYLE like it’s nothing πŸ‘Œβš‘πŸ’―.

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  1. That’s not how this works. This is not how ANY of this works! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Things don’t disappear for a million years and then just reemerge. They slowly change away from what they were until the original becomes extinct and then they don’t just randomly reappear. There are common genetic markers between the one from a million years ago and the current edition. Not an exact replica. Otherwise there would have been homo sapiens 6 billion years ago and T-Rex’s walking down main street now. There’s an animal, a Hyrax I think, which is no bigger than a gopher, but it’s the closest living relative to an elephant. They have similar genetic markers. this happened not because a gopher and an elephant had a baby, but millions of years ago they had a common trait that was part of the fittest of the genes in that animal and it broke off and accumulated new “fit” genes and they became two different animals. The “Theory of Evolution” very clearly discusses “Survival of the fittest.”

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