One of the basic things that makes evolution not as concrete as it is often held up as, is that it always realistically fails where it should count and where it should kick-in and take effect, for example, we see and know about alot of animal species that are either dying-off (GOD forbid), or that have died out over the past couple of centuries instead of actually “evolving” — why did “evolution” fail to salvage these various animal-types when it was truly needed after their “extinction”?. So if alot of the modern animals and animals-types that died-off in very recent history became completely extinct instead of actually evolving, I see no possible way how all of the other animals that died-out in the far-far distant-past which share “similarities” with animals today at best — clear “similarities” which are often exaggerated as being examples of “evolutions”, also didn’t just “die off” and become extinct instead of “evolving” to continue-on from the older form that went extinct.

This issue of animals becoming completely extinct with no traceable signs of the species evolving to continue its specific type’s existence, and the overall decline in distinct varied species of animal life on earth, didn’t just now start happening all-of-a-sudden, it probably has been apparently happening since the 100th “billion years ago” time that the first so-called “evolution” was said to have happened :D.

This whole thing about evolution even at its most strongest propositions, falls apart miserable when just even a little bit of basic reality is applied. Evolutionists don’t even begin to touch the issue of the existence of food and how comes there is just randomly food on Earth for all of these various types of “evolutions” when there is no guarantee that any of the animals would evolve into things that can eat or even use any of these sources of energy, “sources of energy” that themselves clearly did not “evolve” but yet still they somehow always seem to be guaranteed to be around for use as if their purpose is “specific” and “intended” for the creatures and life-forms and their various “evolutions” and freak “mutations” and shape-shifting xD.

Evolution, just like every other word, is simple to throw about but it has no basis in reality, and “reality” is what I deal with. So if something doesn’t add-up in reality, I certainly will not hesitate to expose it for what it is; nonsense.

Evolution = an excuse to validate inconsistent mockery :D

But what I bring is no fucking “evolution”, it is consistent with reality — the same realistic things all-the-time because you can never have enough facts at any given motherfxxking time πŸ‘Šβš‘πŸ˜.

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