The saying “those without sin, cast the first stone” is a very powerful reminder that we are all sinners, but this specific context of throwing stones is one about casting “judgment”. On the other hand, it’s sometimes not about who is “without sin” but who can actually admit their mistakes; no one is perfect but we have to be careful with how we use this logic because this logic can be abused as an “excuse”; we should turn our attention instead to the issue of integrity, and being able to admit your mistakes is a healthy sign of honesty. Now-a-days there are those who cannot admit their mistakes and the issue is such that even when they are presented with the facts, they will still try to twist it or fabricate it, or mislead or hide it because of their shitty agenda to push bullshit narrative — these are pathological dipshits and cannot be trusted under any circumstance. We make mistakes so realizing mistakes and admitting to making mistakes is the greatest sign of honesty. Lets get back to spreading reality and prioritizing “relevance”, setting-aside fictional and mind-twisting “philosophical” flunk.

Leave it up to clowns to up-hold meaningless garbage, but we get down to the facts and break down what’s fxxking relevant over here, NEXT LEVEL style โšก๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜‚

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