This thing about sugar and weight gain is practically mythical; There is no proof that shows that sugar actually fattens things. Make no illusions, this issue is all about“habits”, if people used balance and practiced some level of fucking moderation, sugar in the diet and salt in your diet wouldn’t matter, and this is what the issue truly is — people not practicing “wholelistic approaches“; it never had anything to do with sugar. It’s about; “hhmm, how you can lose this ‘QUICK’?, oh I know, just cut out sugar,” or just cutout and remove something else. That’s the shortsightedness it comes down to these days. It’s not about how you can properly build on long-term continuity, robustness, and actually breaking habits; and that’s the real problem.

Stupidity deserve a load of this — mastery of cognitive-comprehensive-creativity to summon solidified realistic-sorcery so surprisingly easy to contextually understand that even Einstein will “scientifically” say, “it should not be there” πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ’―

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