The reason why I mentioned why do animals still eat food, is because of the fact that, the whole thing about evolution is that these animals evolve to be better version of themselves and that they evolved to help them overcome the dependencies that they initially relied on, but it is actually very strange that after the billions of years of the evolution of animals and life on this planet, no animal or life-form has ever “evolved” not to have to depend on food and eating food to survive. They interestingly have “evolved” to not have to rely on having to do all kinds of other things, but food and water are, interestingly enough, things that no animal or life on earth have ever managed to evolve to not have to need after millions and billions of years of evolution. It is natural for animals to need food, so how do we explain the catering for that need?, it cannot be a “coincidence”, it’s nothing short of “considerable-coordination” — that is a purposeful provision. It is a “meaningful” provision for something that is “meant” to be, so that it can “continue” to be itself, not by accident but by blessing.

I commit to corrective consistency, not by being the befall of a bummy bitch, but by the bonafide benefits of basics that bodaciously build πŸ‘πŸ˜‚βš‘

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