Climate Change is fraudulent hysteria, that much is clear. What some fools are claiming as climate change has nothing to do with the Earth’s actual climate, and further more, the things they point to as climate change are actually superficial inconveniences resulting from the kind of manmade-environments created by mostly civilization. None of these things are actually climate based, and in actual fact, many of these instances just magnify the fact that we are ever vulnerable to the actual climate and these vulnerabilities are often used out of context as a case of “climate chnage”. See if a couple of houses got washed away, some people would say that it was due to the affects of climate change, and if storms come, some would say that the storms are getting “worse” because of climate change etc etc, even though through-out past history there has always been periods of extreme and intense weather, and periods of clam, drought etc and none of this is actually new or just started yesterday because of “modern” attribution. Much of this “climate change” bullshit is like this pandemic that’s going on, just a reminder of how stupid as fuck some people can be.

Hahaa on meaningful matters I am more of an Inspector of intrinsic-values, initiating interesting intuitive-incorporations which insulate against inconsequential incompetence 👍😂.

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  1. “resulting from the kind of manmade-environments created by mostly civilization”

    That’s the point. Climate change is not due to the climate being affected by the rotation of the earth or meteors. It’s man made. Because of civilization and what we have done, we have caused the climate to change dramatically before it was ready.

    There is a political aspect, and it most certainly isn’t from companies rushing to change their business models. Flip that. The scientists want them to change, but they throw money behind the politicians in exchange for promises that we’ll get around to changing our ever growing consumption of fossil fuels (which there is only a finite supply) sometime in 3055 CE.

    By finding renewable energy options and changing the way out civilization conducts itself, we are only promoting the devastation of the planet.

    What I don’t understand is why people are so dead set against the idea of using wind to power their lives instead of fossil fuels. The technology will be there if we push for it together and you will see no measurable change in the switch. It’s not like they’re asking you to trade in your car for a bike. They’re making cars that don’t need gasoline and that work. So there’s no real difference for you as the consumer. If we can reduce our footprint on this planet and give it a chance to thrive, polar ice caps wouldn’t be breaking up and dumping poor unsuspecting polar bears into icy water.

    The polar bears aren’t causing gas leaks in the oceans. We are.
    The swans aren’t putting plastic rings into the ocean to strangle themselves. We are.
    The elephants aren’t hunting themselves for ivory. We are.
    The endangered species list is getting longer and longer because we keep destroying habitats for our gain forcing animals to survive in preordained areas or captivity. If you were locked up, away from your family and kind, would you want to mate? Probably not. Neither do they.

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  2. Lol the last paragraph is so distracting from the entire topic. I got distracted by these powerful words.
    Coming back to the real agenda, I think that climate change is just a political fuss to gain more votes.
    Very well written and explained.

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    1. Haha yes I get what you mean about being distracted by the powerful words. The type of paragraph I put at the end is wordplay, it’s like a “vocabulary exercise”. It gives me a chance to experiment with terminologies and the opportunity to use some words that I don’t get to use in my writing very often 👍🤭

      You made a very good point, this climate change push could definitely be politically driven; certain industries do seem to have an invested competitive interest in this area.

      Thanks for your sweet comment 💐😘

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      1. Yes the use of different terminologies makes your blog very attractive. Keep writing.

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        1. Thanks a ton for your positive and encouraging remarks Rabia 😍🌹, you always lift me up and I will be sure to always keep switching things up haha

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